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Contracting 101

As a Contract Employee with Apex, you are an employee of Apex working for one of our clients. Here are some major points about contracting:

1. You get paid weekly. 

2. You must submit hours weekly in our time entry system. Apex and your on-site manager will review hours submitted.

3. Any overtime will be paid in accordance with applicable state/province and federal laws.

4. The length of the contract assignment is dictated by, and subject to the will of, the client and Apex.  

5. The contract may be terminated at any time, with or without cause, for any reason or no reason.

6. Any benefits for which you are eligible will be provided by Apex, not by the client. Please note – 1099/IC contract employees or those working through an Associate Vendor are not eligible for any benefits.  



Use the links below for answers to frequently asked questions regarding:

If you have additional questions, please reach out to our Care Center and speak to a Care Specialist: (866) 612-2739 or [email protected].


Travel Accident Procedures



Vehicle Incident Report