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​The Importance of a Good Attitude

Attitude really can be everything, especially when it comes to your career! Too often, we get calls from Managers about concerns with individuals that have nothing to do with their skills and capabilities to do the job, but rather, due to poor attitudes. On the flip side, a positive attitude can lead to a more productive, purposeful and promising career! Studies have found that those with more optimistic and cheerful demeanors experience higher job satisfaction, out-perform their peers, and are more sought after for new roles/opportunities.

Things to keep in mind about happiness and attitude: 

  1. Optimistic employees out-perform their pessimistic counterparts by 56%
  2. 75% of success is predicted by optimism, social support, and viewing stress as a challenge and not a threat
  3. 90% of your long-term happiness is dictated by how you process the world, and not what happens to you
  4. Teams with encouraging Managers perform 31% better than teams whose Managers are less positive and praise less
  5. It takes 3 positive comments, experiences or expressions to fend off the languishing effects of 1 negative comment/experience
  6. 6:1 is the ratio of positive vs. negative interactions where teams produce their best work

Taken from Shawn Achor's ‘The Happiness Advantage’

Strategies to overcome a bad attitude:

Awareness is crucial. Catch yourself if you’re not in the best mood, and take action to influence your demeanor. Here are a couple quick strategies to help: 

  • Focus on the positive. What’s going well? What do you appreciate? What are you excited about? What progress have you made? Internally discuss, or write down, at least 5 things you’re happy about to give yourself a quick mood adjustment.
  • Remove yourself. Take a walk or engage in a short meditation to give yourself a break. 
  • Find the silver lining. Most tough situations have at least one positive result, even if it’s a valuable learning experience. Reflect on any upsides to a current negative scenario.
  • Express gratitude. One of the quickest ways to get out of a funk is to show appreciation to others, saying a quick thanks. Phone a friend or write an email, note, or text to display appreciation.
  • Tweak your mindset. How do you view failures/mistakes? Accept feedback/constructive criticism/advice? Although it takes time, experts have noted that individuals with a “fixed mindset” can alter and achieve a “growth mindset.” This openness to feedback can certainly influence how you perceive setbacks and criticism, and influence your attitude.
  • Evaluate and adjust sleep, fitness efforts and diet. It can take a toll on your overall outlook and attitude if you’re not getting enough sleep, moving your body enough, or giving your body enough nutrients.