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Care Center Overview

The national Contractor Care Center provides support for our Contractor Community. Each of Apex's over 50 branches has a designated Care Center Specialist (CSS) who is available to answer questions and enhance your Apex experience. In addition, the CSS for each branch will reach out to you to provide continuous communication after you are placed on the client site.


The Care Center Specialists are dedicated to: 

  • Helping you have a great experience as a member of the Apex Contractor Community

  • Ensuring you have a direct line of communication to Apex where you can ask questions, provide feedback or share concerns

  • Communicating any programs or other offerings Apex has developed or modified 

  • Providing additional communication around benefits enrollment information and timelines 


Who to contact?

Contact the Care Center, or your designated Contractor Care Specialist regarding: 
  • Program feedback
  • Benefits (US Only)
  • 401(k) or the Employee Stock Purchase Plan (US Only)
  • Apex professional development programs
  • Referral Program
  • Contract Status
  • Performance Reviews 
  • ‘The Apex Insider,’ our quarterly newsletter for Contractors
  • Any other questions not noted below
Contact your Recruiter regarding:
  • Time Entry
  • Travel or Expenses
Contact your Apex branch Contractor Accounting Specialist (CAS) regarding:
  • Payroll or Paycheck issues or questions


Contractor Care Center: