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Workers Comp/SafetyReady 

Q. What should you do if you get hurt at work?

A. Follow the easy, new SafetyReady process!

Effective May 1, 2015, both Apex Systems and Lab Support will use the SafetyReady Nurse Line to report work-related injuries. This supersedes the existing Apex Systems protocol.

If the injury is work-related, please follow the process on the SafetyReady card.
Just Contact SafetyReady at 800.800.5003 ‚Äč
You will speak with a Registered Nurse who will discuss additional steps.
Benefits of SafetyReady
  • Easier process: You have completed the first step of the process by calling and reporting through the SafetyReady number.
  • Available any time: Contact SafetyReady any time day or night using the 24-hour toll free number.
  • Immediate assistance: You speak with a medical professional immediately and the Registered Nurse will help you.