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FAQs - Client Site/Placement
If I’m not happy with my current assignment, can Apex find me a different one?
We hope that you’ll have a positive experience both with Apex and the client site where you are placed, but if you do run into an issue, we want to work with you as quickly as possible to address and work toward a resolution.

Please reach out to your Recruiter and/or Account Manager and make them aware of the situation and your concerns.  In most situations, we can help to resolve any issues and address your compliants. If things aren’t salvageable, we’ll do what we can to help improve your situation, although it is not an Apex practice to pull Contractors from client sites.
If I want a performance review, how do I go about getting one?
We understand your interest in reviewing your performance and will help coordinate a review with your client manager. Please speak with your Recruiter, Account Manager or Care Center Specialist to start the process.  
Can my position become permanent?
Apex can never guarantee that any contract employee will become a permanent employee of or have on-going placement at a client. Any transition from an Apex employee to a full-time employee at a client differs depending on the client, and their respective processes. The timeline depends on any compliance aspects for the specific client, such as budgeting. If you have any questions about the transition, please reach out to your Recruiter and/or Account Manager, as they are the most familiar with the client planning and process. 
If my position becomes permanent, what Apex-related aspects will I need to do during the transition?
When transitioning to a full-time employee of the client, please keep in communication with your Apex Representative (Recruiter and/or Account Manager) throughout the process, let us know the timeline of when you’ll be starting full-time with the client, provide sufficient notice of that timeline, contact your Contractor Care Specialist regarding any benefits questions, enter your final hours into MyApex and provide final time card, and VMS (if applicable). Please keep in touch and let us know if we can help you or a colleague with a future career move.

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