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FAQs - Benefits
Why can I only sign up during open enrollment?
Eligible employees are allowed to select and enroll in benefits during the first 30 days of employment. If the employee fails to make an election, then they must wait until the next open enrollment period. Since the plans we offer qualify under Section 125, Apex is required to comply with the IRS regulations that govern tax exempt plans. One such requirement is that entrance into the plan be limited to once per year, except for instances involving qualifying events.

What is classified as a “qualifying event?”
Qualifying events are life changing occurrences as defined by the IRS, which trigger a participants’ ability to make changes, add or drop qualified benefits outside of the company’s standard open enrollment period. For a listing of the instances that are included in the definition of a “qualifying event” please see your plan document.

If I go on someone else’s benefits, can I immediately cease my benefits with Apex?
Enrolling in another plan does not in itself constitute a qualifying event. There are several other factors that must be considered, before a definite decision can be made. In these instances it is best to seek guidance from your Contractor Care specialist – who in turn will consult with the Apex benefits department for a determination.

Why are the limits so low - how much is Apex paying?
The limits that have been placed on the current United Healthcare health plan, were established using historical data of participant claims experience. Each year the benefits department evaluates the number of participants who meet or exceed their cap to ensure that they remain set at a limit that continues to meet the needs of our employees. On average, only about 7% of participants meet or exceed their benefit limit – accordingly we continue to believe that the limits we have provide the necessary coverage levels, while enabling Apex to ensure that the benefit is affordable to those employees who elect to participate. Apex contributes a flat fee to each participant regardless of the coverage option they choose.

Why does Apex have two open enrollments?
It is important to remember that each of the benefit plans offered by Apex has only one open enrollment period (with the exception of the ESPP). The February open enrollment period (for a March 1st effective date) applies only to our limited medical plans, while the August open enrollment period (for a September 1st effective date) applies to the other voluntary benefits.

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