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FAQs - Travel
Who do I talk to about planning travel?
You should work with your Recruiter or Account Manager when planning your travel needs.
Does Apex have any partnerships or relationships with hotel chains, airlines and rental companies?
Apex partners with a number of hotel chains and rental companies. See the Discounts page for specifics.
Does Apex reimburse for day-to-day travel?
This is determined by the client and your particular contract. Please speak with your TR or AM.
How do I submit expenses?  What do I do with my receipts for expenses? 
Receipts are scanned to Apex via a fax number. Please talk with the in your local branch for details.
If my reimbursement was not on my pay check who can I call?
Contact your CAS or the Contractor Care Center for paycheck questions. 

Travel Accident Procedures



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