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Safety Training

Your safety is important to us and we strive to support you through training and professional development programs.

​A web-based OSHA-compliant orientation and safety training program that prepares employees to anticipate and respond effectively to safety issues in the workplace. 

Covers training for the following topics:
General Safety Orientation
Hazard Communication
Injury Management Procedures
Injury and Illness Prevention
Emergency Action and Fire Prevention
Laboratory Safety
Chemical Hygiene

CGMP: current Good Manufacturing Practices; helps build your understanding of the principles of GMP and GLP (Good Laboratory Practice)

How does cGMP build my resume?
The program is designed to provide employees industry-validated training on the FDAs current GMP and GLP regulations

What specifically does it offer?
Environmental monitoring, master production and control records, batch records, lot numbers, and validation content

How can the cGMP help me find a job?
More and more of our clients are making this a hiring requirement.

How much does it cost?
The training is free once your application is accepted!

cGMP Course Topics

Module 1

  • An Introduction to the FDA
  • SOPs – Their Role and How to Use Them
  • Deviation Procedures
  • Designing for Quality Control
  • The Quality Control Unit
  • The Role of Quality Assurance

Module 2

  • Environmentally Controlled Areas
  • HEPA and Airflow
  • The Importance of Personal Hygiene
  • Documentation Control
  • Validation

Module 3

  • Recognizing and Controlling Contamination
  • Receiving and Controlling Raw Materials
  • Calibration
  • Record Keeping Dos and Don'ts
  • Master and Batch Records
  • Safety, Strength, Quality, Identity, and Purity