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Most of us strive to be exceptional performers within our organizations.  We want to be known as “the best of the best,” and one of the go-s for challenges, steering committees, etc.  Being an “A Player,” as top performers are often labeled, will lead to growth opportunities and a more satisfying career.

We’ve built out a Performance Guide and a 1-hour workshop, Career Workshop - Starting a New Job Off Right!, to help you learn more about the primary traits associated with “A Players,” and an action plan on how to work towards achieving that coveted label. 

Top Performers typically have high levels of emotional intelligence.  We recommend reviewing additional articles from Talent Smart, one of the world's leading providers on emotional intelligence insight!

Action Plan:

  1. Conduct a self-evaluation. What are your strengths and differentiators?  What are the key performance traits you exhibit that your Managers, clients and/or peers appreciate? 

  2. Evaluate traits and actions of top performers in your environment. What do they do?  What traits do they exhibit?
    Review our Performance Guide and watch our 1-hour Performance Workshop. This was put together from interviews and feedback gathered from 5 Senior Managers at Apex and our clients, including our CIO and a couple of our VPs and Directors of IT.

  3. Outline 2 focus areas you’ll strive to improve over the next 2-3 months. Invest time learning more about that area, and put together a plan that puts what you’ve learned into action, so you can start developing and executing on those areas/traits.

  4. Optional: Want more insight into your strengths and improvement opportunities?  ‘Request a Performance Review’ and we’ll follow up with your Account Manager to request feedback from your Manager.  

  5. Optional: Want coaching on specific improvement areas you’ve outlined?  ‘Request Performance Coaching’ and we’ll reach out to schedule a one-on-one phone conversation!